HyperV Technologies Corp. Selected for Negotiations for NASA SBIR Phase 1 Project

HyperV Technologies Corp. has been selected by NASA to negotiate a contract for a Phase 1 SBIR project.  The purpose of the project is to develop and construct a long-record-length, fiber-coupled, fast imaging diagnostic device to record X-ray back-lit material flows and X-ray emission events in rocket engine exhaust plumes. X-ray imaging is invaluable for studying the dynamics of extreme exhaust flow events which can be back-lit by X-rays or which produce X-ray emissions. Imaging of material flows in detonation fronts and during combustion has many important aerospace, industrial and defense applications.

During this Phase 1 SBIR, HyperV Technology Corp. will partner with the University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH) Propulsion Research Center (PRC) which has a particular interest in this technology given that X-rays are immune to smoke and fire and can image through protective housings and casings. The HyperV X-ray diagnostic capability allows non-invasive imaging of rocket propellant and exhaust plumes inside the rocket-motor while it is being tested. High time resolution imaging of these X-ray emission or X-ray back-lit events over long record lengths can provide critical insight into the dynamics at work inside the extreme environment of a  functioning rocket motor. For events which are not necessarily repeatable from shot to shot, or dynamic events in devices which are too large to accumulate event evolution over many shots, the development of a deep record length imaging system for X-ray collection would provide a huge advantage over existing single shot and burst shot imaging systems.

About HyperV Technologies Corp:

HyperV Technologies Corp. is a privately held Chantilly, Virginia based research and development company incorporated in 2004. HyperV is an industry leader in the development of high velocity, high density plasma gun technology for use in fusion energy development, high energy density physics research, spacecraft propulsion and industrial applications. For more information on HyperV Technologies Corp. please visit us on the web at www.hyperv.com or via social media at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HyperV-Technologies-Corp/332898126806674 Twitter: https://twitter.com/HyperVTechCo or contact: Chris Faranetta at 1(703) 378-4882.